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Pye Gear


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PYE (Protect Your Energy) came about through a life experience that completely depleted my energy. Through that I realized that I could never allow someone to make me feel that way ever again. I noticed how much energy was being withdrawn from me by the people that I allowed in my space and chose to interact with. Surrounding myself around the negativity of others was draining me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In the letter P there is a lock hole. This symbolizes your energy being guarded by lock and key. The plug at the end of the letter E symbolizes what you plug yourself into. You must be careful of who and what you invest your energy into. When I think of a plug, I think of something charging and receiving energy, you cannot plug yourself into someone that is going to drain your energy instead of replenishing it.

The mission of PYE gear is to spread positivity worldwide, while still sending the message of protecting your energy. It is about being wise about who you invest your energy into and who you let in your space. There are different colors because people protect their energy in different ways so why not have a color that matches your idea of protection. 

Thank you for your purchase. All we ask is that you take a photo in your pyegear shirt and send it to

Care Instructions: Do not dry clean. Machine wash cold/mild detergent. Dry at normal setting, or air dry. No chorine bleach. Wait 24 hours before first wash


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